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Deca Mandaue Condominium
Mandaue City Condominium for Sale
Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu
Deca Urban Homes
Be the first to own the most affordable condo in Cebu located in Tipolo Mandaue near Wireless. It s just about 5-minute drive to SM or Ayala. It s almost along the highway in Mandaue.  All units are Studio type with a floor area of 25 square meters with balcony and 1 toilet & bath. This is a 4-storey walk up condominium with swimming pool as one of the amenities. The first buildng to be built is building 4 which is now constructed up to the fourth floor. Building 4 is scheduled to be completed in June 2012.
Now we are selling the building 15 which shall be finished by next year of February, 2013 tentatively.
If your are decided already don't hesitate to call me in order to get the lower floors, or to wait for the next building that probably the delivery date will takes time by four months interval.

Think a's better to own a property rather than to rent for your whole life!
We guarantee the good returns of investment for those who have business intention!A studio unit with balcony (finished unit and about 25 square meters) will cost as follows:

Kitchen Counter                   Tiled
Kitchen Sink                        Provided
Kitchen Counter Cabinet        Provided
Electrical Lines                     Complete on PVC Conduit
Switches/Outlets                  Provided
Lights                                  Receptacle Only
Waterlines                           Complete
Water                                 Individual Connection
Plumbing Lines                    Complete
Septic Tank                         Provided
Roofing                               Colored Roofing for Units,  Skylight Roofing for Hallway
Roof Framing                      Steel Purlins
Gutter/Fascia                       Painted, Bended Metal Fascia, Roof Gutter Provided
Downspout                          Provided
Fire Exit                              Provided
Stairs                                 Tile Finished with Railings
Partition                              Not Provided
Windows                             Sliding Window, Jalousie Window for CR
Door      Main Door              Panel DCR & Terrace      Flush Door
Door Locks                          Chrome Plated Lockset
Toilet & Bath
Wall                                Tile Finished (1.0 m height)
Floor                               Tile Finished
Shower                           Provided
Toilet                              Water Closet Flush Type
Lavatory                        Provided